FILM 0027

A Rollei 35, My friend Sara and my first days in Taiwan.


I have recently completed a series of works in collaboration with Danelle Malan a watercolour artist and Daniel Hugo an illustrator. With me, Danielle, thats more then enough Dans to see you through.

The works were commissioned for a resort in the bushveld. Each space and piece are themed to the tree it is built around. Danelle did the backgrounds, Daniel the illustrations and I did small embroidered elements based off Daniels drawings. Each piece is 1.5m x 1m.

Full images of the individual pieces as well as a video to follow soon...

FILM 0026

A collection roll of film taken on Fuji 400 with a Olympus (I'll have to look up the model again) during a massive storm in Cape Town. I love how apocalyptic Sea Point looked for a few hours.


Im edging my way to a shop update with a STACK of new prints... the wait will be worth it. 

I received these proofs and I couldn't be happier! There are more to follow too.

Thank you!

I have printed some Thank You cards, because gratitude is nice.

FILM 0025

The weekend in Paternoster, St Helen Bay and Yserfontein (up the west coast of South Africa) on FUJI 400 film.

The beginning

I have recently handed over a project that I'm pretty excited to see the full roll out of. I can't show much except some preliminary ink (and far too much highlighter) drawings I did at the start of the threaded journey.

Little things

Ive been making a few little things here and there, and sort of a way to play with colour, and palette cleansers, between bigger jobs. My most recent one was this 4" hoop pet portrait of a dog called Lichee who has a glass eye and a cleft palette, and I think Im obsessed with him now. Proves that love doesn't have to be beautiful to be perfect.

CCDI After Dark workshop

I just finished running my first night workshops with a really special group of people through the CCDI. It ran every Wednesday in April, and its quite sad saying goodbye to all my students! Last night ended with a very special gift from Alex, one of the 'Charlys Angels' from Charlys bakery... these embroidery inspired, punny cookies! Look at the little silver icing hoop details. So amazing!

Now.. how do I bring myself to eat mine?

FILM 0024

I shot this on 3200 film to test the grain. Its the seedloaf of film. 

Glitching the reference

Playing around by editing my reference image I took of Kelly Jean Egan with VDMX, a VJing software and got some interesting results. Now to see if these can find there way to being stitched.

Merging with the mono

Every now and then you have an idea that sits at the back of your mind annoying you. Kind of like the kid at the back of the class room, throwing paper at you as soon as you are not looking. Reminding you that its there, but you cant quite do anything about it. I finally got to feed that feeling this week when I brought out a monoprint I made about 18 months ago while doing a class at Pangolin Prints in Newlands. I had been working with paper and was curious at how the ink would translate onto fabric. I rustled up so scrap cotton and created a simple monoprint onto it. Turns out it translates just fine, and is a happy host for some embroidery too. This is just my first, but I'm excited to continue this relationship between ink, fabric and thread.

Where does new work belong?

Often I create new pieces and I'm not sure where to put them on this site (besides Instagram) to showcase them. They go into their folders and I wonder if they will ever be seen. I created this ring recently and put it in the 'skulls' album and felt a twinge of guilt. Almost like when you get given something new, like a mug, and then put it with your collection and it all of a sudden looks lost and never has its moment to be new. Im not sure if that makes any sense. Anyway,  my point is more is it worth while to blog about it? Im not crazy about Facebook either. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone even come here? 


This weekend I used spray paint for the second time and on a wall for the first time ever. Its quite interesting to work on such a large scale, and to see that essentially Im still 'sewing', using short stitch, long stitch and french knots.

FILM 0023

Somewhere between the having the Citrusdal waterfall to ourselves, a slow drive home and casually snapping away with that 'I just want to finish this film haste, here are some photos taken with Canon A1 Underwater camera.

FILM 0022

A weekend away at The Waterfall Farm with some friends and an underwater film camera. 

FILM 0021

I took my underwater camera that we found in a backwards town for R100 on a hike up to the reservoir on the mountains above Constantia Nek. With 3 dogs in tow I snapped away and when I got the film developed, I thought that the camera had leaked and blessed me with pink skys and green thighs. In hindsight I think I accidentally cross-processed slide film that was in the camera (which is a relief to know the camera can still come skinny dipping with me).